Security company "KEDR" offers the following types security services:
  • Citizens life and health security;
  • Owner's property security (including at its transportation);
  • Consulting and preparing recommendations to customers on legitimate protection from illegal encroachments;
  • Mass events security.

More details

"KEDR" security services
Security offices and business centers. This type of service includes office space's security (single and multiple), as well as security the business centers, hypermarkets, fairs and etc. .   

Armed guards for banks and cash registers. Separate security topics - security of banks and cash registers. Such objects are often interested of potential intruders. Protection of such facilities requires increased security measures: qualifications and consistency of security teams, availability of appropriate material and technical base and modern equipment. Company "KEDR" protects a few of the Krasnodar banks.

Construction sites security. A topical issue of control over material resources in building of various objects We will safe Your building materials and building.  

Protection industrial and warehouse complexes. This type of protection prevents the production base and the various storage areas from theft of material resources and attacks on the employees. The peculiarity of this type of protection is the use of various technical means to prevent the action of intruders: burglar and fire sensors, access control (system control and access control), video systems, the product AKL ("barbed" wire - Egoza) etc. 
Shopping mall's security. We protect the biggest southern exhibition center (Krasnodar EXPO).

Security of sanatorium-resort establishments. Security of sanatorium-resort establishments Krasnodar area is a major task the interior Ministry and security companies. Resorts protection is unique knowledge. We know how to ensure your resort's protections. .   

Residential complexes' security. We have ready solutions for you. We propose to use guards and special equipment (CCTV, access control etc). We will help you to find the best solution.   

Agriculture objects' protection. We guard Cargill silos (Brukhovetskiy silo, Pavlovskiy silo and Greshichkinskiy silo) and some oil plants in Krasnodar area. We know all about agricultural objects' protection.

Armed escort of cargo. Collection. We can accompany any cargo in Russian Federation's territory. We provide cash collection services to Krasnodar's companies.

Mobile team's armed. We will arrive fastly. We'll check the object. We'll find and catch the thieves.  

Technical equipment. Our experts will conduct a peer survey of the facility, will prepare a preliminary project and technical validation, taking into account all Your wishes. Develop and install customized designs according to specified technical requirements. Equipment installation and implementation is carried out by our experts efficiently and on time.   

Comprehensive economic security. The company's specialists will help to reveal all cases of industrial espionage. We'll help keep you business.

Polygraph. We have certified specialist-polygraph examiner. He may conduct investigations for our customers.
   We established reliable partnerships with more than 100 Krasnodar and Krasnodar area's enterprises within 10 years. These figures speak for themselves.

   That is why You can trust the security of Your business Security company "KEDR".