This websites section is intended to familiarize you with the price of the security company "KEDR".
If you would like to calculate security cost pls choose (right):
  • Type of protection (drop down list);
  • Mode of protection (drop down list);
  • Post's number (type in numbers).
  • Click on the yellow button: "Calculate the cost"
The price is pre. The price may be more or less after object's study and clients wishes.

If you are interested in cooperation or you have questions pls call us. Phone number in the left of the website top.
We can make a preliminary calculation. Fill out the application form for security services. You can find the application form is on this page (left). Pls fill:
  • Name\Surname;
  • Cell phone number;
  • E-mail;
  • Your message;
  • The characters put in a white rectangle.

We will contact you shortly after receiving your application form or question.
To calculate the cost of services: